Essential Steps to Maintain a Garbage Disposal

To scrape off every bit of the food from your kitchen faucet is necessary for a clean and healthy kitchen environment. Well, the garbage disposal is the best appliance and pretty simple as well for a proper waste management system.
By choosing the quality garbage disposals you definitely get a long time and effective results. With the better disposers, you experience the less replacing issue and the clogging of small pieces after every time of cleaning dishes. How to buy a quality disposer?
Honestly speaking, this task is not that tough.

All you have to do is only narrow down what you want exactly?

By considering your budget, you need to go for the features such as feet type, motor size, etc. To get solid performance, keep your budget high.

Remember: An expense doesn’t matter for the quality things ever. Hence, have a look at the essential things for the best quality of garbage disposal service.


Many times, people complain of the inconvenience they faced in several disposers such as waste not collected properly. That’s why you need to recognize the promising service of companies that offer ultimate waste management service.

Make sure you never neglect the vital factor of reliability. To notice this one, you can go with the customer’s reviews and ratings of the company’s website.

Customer Service

How well do you get great services?

Generally, the occurrence of issues is an obvious one. In such cases, the companies who act quickly and provide satisfactory services to their customers are needed to be selected. Those who listen to the queries calmly and professionally guide you to the right solution or provide on-time service is really appreciable.

Environmental Credentials

As a smart customer, you need to be aware of the company’s environmental policies. You can ask them about their registration, where your waste is going, and do they follow the guidelines for improved recycling rates and other environmental factors.

How does the Garbage Disposals work?

To learn about the entire working of the garbage disposal it is necessary to notice the one installed in your kitchen sink.

FYI, this device is mounted to the underside of a sink that is designed in such a way so that it properly collects solid food waste in a grinding chamber. While turning it on, a spinning disc starts moving rapidly and due to this a force is applied to the food waste and converted into tiny bits. Hence, these small particles easily get washed through the holes of the chamber.

In case, you notice that disposal has become indispensable and develops a problem of clogging, smell, etc then a solution is required to fix it soon.

What to do when your garbage disposal jammed?

Notice the signals by flipping the switch. In case of an issue, you may hear a sound as something got wrong between impellers and shredding rings.

Step 1: Turn off power to the electrical box

Step 2: Take an offset wrench and insert it into the bottom slot of the unit. Move it clockwise and anticlockwise to remove the jam. Still didn’t get rid of the jam, then followed the next step.

Step 3: Use a thick dowel rod or a broom handle down the disposer. Do not stick your hand at disposal.

Step 4: Turn ON the power, push the reset button once, turn the water ON, and flip disposal off. Within a few times, you will notice all the trash removal that caused the jammed issue.

How to deal with the leaking garbage disposal?

Step 1: Turn off the disposal.

Step 2: In case a leakage occurs in a top flange then remove your disposal with a from the bottom by turning it clockwise. Many times, the mounting bolts are tight enough. In this situation remove the plumber’s putty with a new putty. Now, replace the flange and disposal. Switch on the power unit. If there is still an issue of leakage then take the next step.

Step 3: Simply tighten the hose clamp which is connected to the disposer’s dishwasher inlet. You have to replace the hose clamp if it’s leaking or damaged.

Step 4: In case the leakage is noticed by the discharge then tighten all the bolts nearby it. Otherwise, you can also replace the gasket between the disposer and pipe.

How to fix the Clogged drain?

Step 1: Disconnect your drain trap (the S or P shaped plumbing line) and remove it from the discharge drain.

Step 2: Clean it well if there is any clog.

Step 3: In case, no clogs are found inside the trap, then maybe it’s inside the line that connects to the wall.

Step 4: Remove the sink stopper and find the clog using a sink auger cable into the drain. Apply a gentle pressure on the clog to remove it.

Step 5: You can use hot water to flush the pipes properly.

Well, if you have no idea how to repair it by yourself, then do not try your hands. You can take help from the experts of garbage disposal service provider companies. On searching, you will get the best quality services near your area. The best companies like Phantom Plumbing offer the most suitable advice on trash removal. For satisfactory services, you can choose us.
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