Easy Steps to Deal with a Leaky Faucet

A leaky faucet is not just annoying but it can lead to a fatty water bill as well. To stop the irritable sound of all time dripping water doesn’t need a big science. If you have time to fix it yourself then definitely go ahead by following the simple steps correctly.

Before you start, make sure to know about the kind of faucet you have and proceed accordingly. To learn the steps clearly, you can visit the best ever website of Phantom plumbing as well. Whether you need to deal with an issue of kitchen faucet leaking or replacing bathroom faucet, make sure you take suggestions from an experienced one.

What are the types of tools you need to fix it?

Leakage issues can occur any time and even if you have a high-quality faucet, it’s still normal. Hence, to stay ready to handle any leaky faucet is not that much expensive. Fortunately, it’s simple. Although to accomplish this task you need proper tools such as a kit or box of Allen wrenches is an easy one to do the repair. On the other hand, you can use screwdrivers and large slip-joint pliers to fix it.

However, for different types of faucets, you require tools accordingly. So, keep the essential tools as per the installed faucets in your home.

How to start the repairing procedure?

    Determine the reason for leakage. Don’t create a mess without knowing whether it’s from the base or the end of the spout. Get it clear whether it’s a single valve faucet or a dual valve. As both require different fixing. In case the leaks occur on top, start repairing it by changing O-rings or gaskets without a hitch. While in case of any injury on the supply lines from the bottom, making use of putty, Teflon tape or silicone to repair the leakage.

After the above steps, you need to move ahead for the important ones.

Step 1:

Get started by turning off the water to your faucet. Look under the cabinet and find the pipes that are directly connected with the faucet. There you find a handle to shut the water supply off. Make sure to tighten it properly by twisting clockwise.

Step 2:

Do not forget to cover the Drain While fixing the faucet, usually the screws slipped and went to the drain portion. That’s why to keep the small parts carefully, try to cover the drain portion with a strainer basket. You can clean these screws and small parts in vinegar and a nylon abrasive pad.

Step 3:

Find out what type of faucet do you have?

On seeing the internal mechanism in front of your eyes, it’s convenient to recognize the exact type of faucet you have. In case of a compression faucet, you will notice 2 screw handles, for hot and cold respectively. While in case of a single-handle faucet, there is a swiveling arm to switch from hot to cold as the user needs.

  • Ceramic Disk Faucet – This type of faucet includes a ceramic cylinder.
  • Cartridge Faucet – There is a cartridge with a decorative cape.
  • Ball Faucet – This onet includes a ball bearing.

Steps to Fix a Compression Faucet

  • Properly twist the screw and disconnect the handle.
  • With the help of a wrench remove all the nuts. Carefully notice at the stem on top of the O-ring and seat washer. Usually, this seat washer is made of rubber and is the main culprit of the leak.
  • In case you notice leakage around the handle then you need to change the O-ring. If you notice leakage in the faucet’s body then change the washer.
  • Reset the handle after replacing the washer and O-ring. For the other handle repeat the same process if required.

Steps to Fix a Ball Faucet

  • Before proceeding further for the repairing, make sure you have a proper replacement kit for the ball faucet.
  • Unscrew the handle by using a wrench.
  • Now, loosen the faucet cam with the help of pliers and tools from the replacement kit. Disconnect the washer and ball as well.
  • Use needle-nose pliers to remove the inlet seals and springs.
  • Replace the O-ring. And make sure to coat the new one in grease before installing it.
  • Install New Springs, Valve Seats, and Cam Washers.
  • At last, reassemble the handle

Steps to Fix a Cartridge Faucet

  • Take off the Handle:
  • Now, remove the holding clip if required.
  • To make the cartridge stand up straight, pull the cartridge.
  • Cut the old O-rings and install the new ones by greasing them properly.
  • Set up the handle back.

Steps to Fix a Ceramic-Disk Faucet
  • Take off the handle and place the escutcheon.
  • Remove the disk cylinder and expose several neoprene seals.
  • Use vinegar to clean the seal.
  • If you notice the seals look thin or worn, then replace it and fix the handle.

Fixing a leaky faucet is quite simple if you follow each and every step correctly. If you have no clear idea about the repairing process, then call the authenticated and trained technicians immediately to get rid of the leakage soon.
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